A. General

1. To enhance the ecological balance of the area through intensive reforestation activities and improve the second growth forest to sustain a continuous water supply.

2. To uplift the socio-economic condition of the people in the area through the introduction of sustainable development through agroforestry.

B. Specific

1. To rehabilitate twenty eight (218) hectares of the unoccupied and brush land areas;

2. To improve water yield;

3. To produce and plant an approximate of Two Hundred Thousand (200,000 ) native or indigenous species such as Narra, Ipil, Katmon, Malapapaya, Molave, Dulitan, Bayanti, Himbabaong gubat, Dao, Bolong eta, Dungon, and Philippine Teak which is endemic to Lobo;

4. To construct vegetative measures to prevent soil erosion and siltation;

5. To disseminate information on the importance of watershed;

6. To promote better understanding among people in the locality about the value and benefits derived from the watershed; and

7. To increase income opportunities through intensifying agroforestry practices and improved distribution of labor through planting of fruit bearing trees like atis, guyabano and mangoes.

Other Info

A. Adopt a watershed

Lobo Watershed is offering a program where you can adopt portion of the watershed for tree planting purposes. Planting materials shall be availed only from LWD Plant Nursery.

The whole development program of Lobo Watershed will take a span of seven (7) years. Each year, LWD is targeting atleast thirty (30) hectares for rehabilitation.





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