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WATER is life.

But water in Lobo,Batangas did not come easily to the residents

There was no water supply system. Water was obtained from artesian wells, deep wells, spring.

Presidential Decree No. 198, otherwise known as Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973 as amended, provided for the creation, operation and maintenance of water districts in the provinces, cities and municipalities. Conditional Certificate of Conformance No. 422 was issued to the Lobo WD under interim officials on November 21, 1989 by Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

The water supply system of Lobo Water District was a Congressional Initiative Funded Project in the amount of P 3,574,468.10. This consisted of Initiative Fund of Hon. Senator Alberto G. Romulo which was P2.0 M in 1993 and the Level III Loan from LWUA amounting to P1,574,468.10 in 1994.

The Lobo Water District headed by General Manager DANILO “Dani” M. PEREZ started its actual operation on July 01, 1997 with his five staff. It was a long tedious work for LWD. The Board of Directors in their persistence to convince GM Dani who had a Masteral Degree in Business Administration Major in Management at the International Academy of Management and Economics(IAME) did not go wrong in their choice, he more than compensated for what was expected of him.

Yet, the LWD service was met with mixed emotions. Others almost jumped for joy for the gushing out of water from their faucets. Thanks God! After the anticipation and frustrations and false hopes, we now have it.

The Blessing and Inauguration of the LOBO WATER DISTRICT Pumping Station 1 was held on March 28, 1998.

The first step to a thousand miles had been hurdled by the Lobo Water District. By 1999, water supply services were extended to Brgys. Fabrica, Masaguitsit and Banalo. This came from the funds of Hon. Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay Jr. thru his Rural/Urban Development Infrastructure Program (RUDIP) Fund of P1.0 M and P450,000.00 from the Lobo Water District Fund.

Year 2000 marked another Expansion Program for Lobo Water District. The water works of Brgy. Malapad na Parang was turned-over to Lobo WD. This improvement of the water supply system was a joint project of Lobo Water District with a fund of P350,000.00 and Hon. Senator Loren Legarda who allocated P300,000.00 fund assistance from her LINGAP Para Sa MAHIHIRAP Program.

Blessing and Inauguration of PUMPING STATION in Brgy. Malapad na Parang was held on October 26, 2000.

Continuous expansion program was undertaken by LWD. By 2001, another P1.0 M fund assistance of Hon. Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay Jr. and P250,000.00 from LWD was utilized in developing the water supply sources at Sitio Pinagmoogan, Brgy. Balatbat. This catered the needs of constituents in the upper portion of Brgy. Poblacion, Brgy. Tayuman and Brgy. Balatbat.

The Pumping Station 2 in Sitio Pinagmoogan was blessed and inaugurated on September 27, 2002.

At that point in time, almost all barangays would like to avail of the water supply services of Lobo Water District. Soon Brgy. Malabrigo turned-over their Barangay Waterworks to the Lobo Water District. Expansion Program was undertaken with the LWD fund in the amount of P450,000.00. Blessing and inauguration of Pumping Station in Brgy. Malabrigo took place on November 2, 2004.

On the last quarter of 2004, distribution pipelines were expanded to Sitio Centro, Cupang and Bihi, all in Brgy. Tayuman who shared P80,000.00 as augmentation fund to LWD’s P150,000.00 for the installation of said pipelines.

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